Friday, September 3, 2010

The Palm Blog

I've been searching for a name for this blog for a while now. When my wife and I were brainstorming for my blog's name, the palm tree came as an option., the date palm leaves made a perfect centralized topology for a data network (With my data networking background), the palm tree is the source for one of the most sacred foods my prophet recommended for his people (dates), and given the fact that Palms are very tenacious and independent that they grow in the most hostile of environments, it seemed I'm a palm tree myself. Add to that how much I love what Palms look like and how I wish I’ll end up growing exactly two Palm trees in front of my house (when I buy my dream house). Hence, the palm tree and I have a lot in common, thus, the name “The Palm”.

On this Blog, I’ll be posting any topic that interests me, I will be going through some Data Networking geeky stuff, hoping I’ll inform and get some positive feedback. I'm hoping that by reading my blog a person can tell a lot about me, as I’ll be as open and as transparent as possible. With my current stressful career, I think I’ll be going with a slow pace of posts, yet I’ll try to make each post as informative as possible.

Last but not least, I would like to thank anyone who reads my blog, comments on it, or recommends it to any other reader.